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01 March 2014 @ 02:29 pm
MP3 Random TEST!  
I found this test about Ipod/MP3 using shuffle!
1. Put your ipod or itunes on shuffle.
2. Answer these questions with each song that pops up next, no matter what!
3. No lying! Be honest!
4. Stick with the next song that plays, no matter what it is.
5. This can turn out to be pretty accurate and/or funny,
I hope it will be fun! :)

1. How does the world see you? Thumb & Pinky - HEY!SAY!JUMP
2. What do you parents think of you? Troublemaker - Arashi
3. What do you feel like right now? 言葉より大切なもの- Ninomiya Kazunari (Kotoba yori Taisetsu na mono)
4. What should you do tomorrow? 虹 - Ninomiya Kazunari (Niji)
5. What will the upcoming week be like for you? ここにしかない景色 - Kanjani8 (Koko ni shikanai keshiki)
6. Will you have a happy life? PeekaBoo - Masuda Takahisa
7. How will you die? Shake it Up - Kis-My-Ft2
8. Will you ever find the boy/girl of your dreams? ハダシの未来 - Arashi (Hadashi no Mirai)
9. What should you do with your life? Go to the Future! - Hey!Say!JUMP
10. What will summer '14 be like for you? So Beautiful - BIGBANG
11. Your opinion on yourself now:  Test Drive (Main Mix) - Akanishi Jin
12. The way your best friends see you: Water Drop - Kanjani8
13. One thing the world doesn't really need? New Hope~ こんなに僕らはひとつ - Hey!Say!JUMP ( Konna ni Bokura wa Hitotsu )
14. What does your life mean? Rainbow - NEWS
15. Your opinion on yourself in the future: 色彩 - Tegomasu (Shikisai)
16. What will next year be like for you? きっと大丈夫 - Arashi (Kitto Daijoubu)
17. What should you be doing right now? Battery - SMAP
18. What does the boy you like think of you? きれいごと-Tegomasu (Kirei goto)
19. Will your dream wish(es) ever come true? そっと きゅっと - SMAP (Sotto Kyutto)
20. What are you really like? Secret Agent Man ~ Deluxe 2000 Mix - Nishikido Ryo
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